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The application of wireless transmission

2013-5-30 9:34:17

Wireless monitoring is one of the most widest application of wireless network at present.In common situation,the monitored points are distributed in many different places and far away from the central control piont.The traditional wired network way is not only for the high cost,but also for the river or mountains barrier.At this time,the advantages of wireless network are outstanding.The wireless bridge technology can connect many monitored points with central control point and set up very fast,we can establish wireless network link in the shortest time.If the conditional is permitted,the wireless brige can support over 50km bridging.With the development of wireless technology,wireless transmission application is accepted by various kinds of fields.

Wireless monitoring technology has been used for modern residential quarters,transportation,water conservancy,shipping,public security,fire protection and other fields.Digital microwave transmission of wireless monitoring compress the video codes,modulated by digital microwave channels,and then transmit by the antenna.The reception terminal is on contrary,antenna receive signal,microwave despread,video uncompress,and then recover the simulated video signal.

In wireless monitoring system,wireless network plays a role to connect monitored points and monitoring center.It can connect the remote monitoring points for video transmission.At the same time,for the high requirements of video quality,how to guarantee the high quality video is also the key technology which should be solved in wireless network transmission.In addition,from the project aspect,bridging equipments are installed outdoor,how to do remote power-feeding and equipment management are the problems need to be aware of.

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