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The advantages of wireless monitoring

2013-5-30 9:33:15

Compared with traditional monitoring,wireless monitoring has three advantages:

1.The comprehensive cost is low,it only need one time investment,no need to dig channel and lay cables,it's verysuitable for outdoor,long distance and decorated places.In many cases,users are limited by the geological environment or working contents,for example,mountain land,harbour.These places are not convenient to do wired transmission,if use optical fiber cable,the construction period is very long.So,if use the wireless monitoring,the installation period is short,maintance is very convenient,expansion ability is strong and users have fast cost-recovering.
2. The maintenance cost is low.Wireless monitoring is maintained by network provider,the front-end equipment is plug-and-play,the system is maintenance-free.Wireless video transmission is the combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology,it can transmit the site information of different places to the wireless monitoring center according to wireless communication method.In wireless monitoring system,the center need to receivethe video information from the monitored points in time,and the video information must be continuous and clear.In wireless monitoring points,we usually use the camera to collect the site information,the camera connects with wireless transmission equipment,and then it transmits the data signal to the monitoring center through the radio wave.
3.The applied range is wide,it can be used for safety monitoring,transportation monitoring,industrial monitoring and home monitoring.Such as:ATM,bank teller,supermarket and factories wireless monitoring;kindergarten,school remote wireless monitoring;power station,telecommunications stations unattended operation system;petrolum,well drilling,exploration wireless monitoring system;intelligentize buildings.

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