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Wireless bridge for outdoor application

2013-5-30 9:58:06

The application of wireless bridge can be divided into three aspects:
1.In the large campus or factory.Generally speaking,the distance is far away,often more than 100 meters,generaly need optical cable for connection,but for some campus and factories which has been built,excavation of roads or erection of overhead lines are cost more,wireless bridge is easy and convenient for usage.
2.Connect the branches of nabour urban areas and towns.Before,people usually adopt leased line.But in this way,need to pay the leased line fee each month,and the bandwidth is limited(From 64K to 2M,the biggest is just 2Mbps).Wireless bridge solution can save cost and increase the transmission rate.
3.Temporary network transmission in temporary places.For example,in displaying achievements of Three Gorges,the stadium events network covering.Just need to erect the wireless bridge for building the temporary network connection,then can broadcast on internet. Because the places is temporary,the traditional wired network is very complicated for laying optical cables.

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