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Wireless modules/radio unnormal problems&solutions

2013-5-30 10:00:31

Many users meet some problems when using the radio modem,for example:cannot connect,the communication distance is short or appear error code.If you have some experiences in wireless application,the problems you can solve by yourself according to your experiences.The below are the solutions for these problems:
1.Wireless modules/radio modem cannot connect
First,check the interface,power is on or not,the USB cable.Except to see the interface directly,you can see the indicate light.The light is red when wireless modules/radio modem transmit.second,check distance of the actual transmission module reaching,if the actual distance is longer than the module nominal distance,we need to use the high power transmission module for long distance.If the above steps cannot solve the problem,please use replacement method,replace the transmitting module or receiving module.But the broken rate of module and radio is small,the products are tested many times before delivery.
2.The communication distance is short.First,check the module shield or not,the antenna connect well or not.The antenna should be erected high and LOS place and should not be approached to the metal.Second,check the power supply,the current for the power is adequate or not.¡¡
3.Error code in communication
The users' software serial interface rate is not align with the module/radio serial interface rate.Secondly£¬shorten the distance to see if the data transmit and receive integrity or see if appears same frequency interference of surrouding environment.If in the above ways,the problems exist,we suggest to use replacement method to see if the problem appears on the wireless modules.

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