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LAN interconnection

2013-5-30 10:04:23

The company wants to connect it's production base,transpotation subnet and management center.In campus,the teaching building and students dormitory LAN connect with center,it's convenient for students and teachers to connect the compus network and Internet.So the LAN between the buildings becomes the ergent problem.
We hope the network can be connected with nabour buildings,share the high speed internet and realize mobile network service.But according to the traditional way,if two buildings need to be connected,even the two buildings are very closed,we also need to lay the optical fiber cables.If the surrouding environment is bad,the project for laying cables cannot realize.Another way-using leased DNN line,the cost will be very high.So the wireless bridge will be the best product to solve this problem.
Wireless bridge is one kind of networking equipment which is similar with repeater,it can connect two line to extend the connection distance like repeater,it also can connect two LANs to realize the communication protocol between two LANs.Wireless bridge is the must product for long distance network connection in wireless networking technology at present.
Establishing long distance wireless LAN has below structures:PTP,PTM,relay and mixed type.Each kind structure can be used for different places.So the users should choose cautiously according to the actual situation. 

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