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How to maintain antenna and feeder line

2013-5-30 10:05:03

1.The common broken situations of antenna and feeder line
(1)The directional antenna is turned direction by wind
(2)The feeder line is wet,the attenuation increased
(3)Antenna reflecting net is broken,the antenna gain decreased
2.Maintainance projects and period for antenna feed system
(1)Check the fastening situation of the antenna and antenna components semiannually
(2)Change the coupling head adhesive tape between the antenna and feeder line annually.
(3)Adjust the direction of directive antenna if necessary
(4)If you judge the feeder line inside is wet,you can check as below steps
I.Close the power supply which connect with radio,close the feeder line and combiner,use the 110V megger to test the insulation between the feeder line core and outer conducter,the figure should be over 200MW.
II.When check the feeder line,you need to take off the antenna.
3.If you find the feeder line inside is wet,you must deal with this problem in time.

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