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Antenna installation drawing of radio modem

2013-5-30 10:07:07

Radio modems receive and transmit radio wave through the antenna.In order to guarantee the signal stable and reliable,according to the actual situation of application project,it has specified requirements of the antenna erection height and type.
1.Main station
Omnibearing antenna is erected on main station,it can cover the slave stations which distributed in other directions.If it's the LOS environment,the fomular of antenna erection height is D=4.12×£¨√100+√4£©,that is 10KM semidiameter coverage range,the antenna height should be erected up to 10M from the groud.See below picture:

2.Slavestation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The directive antenna is installed on slave station,align with main station antenna.LOS evironment,according to the fomula to decide the antenna erection height.See below picture:


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