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How to Set Up a Wireless Bridge

2013-5-30 10:08:01

A wireless bridge is a device that creates a network. Devices that connect to the bridge can communicate with each other. For example, a wireless-equipped desktop computer could communicate with and print to a wireless network printer if they were connected to the same wireless bridge. Bridges can also connect to devices such as routers that provide high-speed Internet access from an Internet Service Provider, or ISP. You can set up a wireless bridge to connect to a router so that the wireless computers connected to the bridge can share the high-speed Internet access and communicate with each other.


Power up the bridge. Plug one end of the AC power adapter with which the device shipped into the power jack on the bridge and the other into an electrical wall outlet. If the device can function as both a bridge and an access point, set the device to "bridge" mode following the manufacturer's instructions. Press the device's power button if necessary; instructions for finding it will be provided in the device's user guide. For example, the D-Link DAP-1522 Xtreme N Duo Wireless Bridge does not have a power button and starts when it is plugged into the electrical wall outlet.

Connect via Ethernet. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on the bridge. Ethernet ports are generally placed on the back of the bridge. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the computer that had previously been connected directly to your Internet access device.

Configure the bridge. Open a web browser and navigate to the address for the bridge's configuration management interface. The address will vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, to configure a D-Link DAP-1522, type
http://DLINKAP in the browser's address bar.

Enter a user name and password to access the bridge's management interface when prompted. Both will be provided in the device's user guide. The default user name for the DAP-1522 is admin and, also by default, there is no password; leave the password text box blank.

Start the connection wizard. The main page of the bridge's management interface will generally have an automated connection process. For a D-Link DAP-1522, click the "Launch Wireless Setup Wizard" button. Follow the prompts. Insert the product CD if prompted. Close the wizard when it finishes.

Move the device to its permanent location. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer and unplug the bridge's power adapter from the electrical wall outlet. Place the bridge close to your high-speed Internet access device. Plug the power adapter from the bridge into an electrical wall outlet. Plug the Ethernet cable from the bridge into the designated Ethernet port on your Internet access device as directed in device's user guide. This completes the process.

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